Packaging and Supply


C.A.P.A. Porfido
supplies Quality Trentino Porphyry because:

  • it is a leader Italian stone company in the Porphyry sector, having more than fifty years experience in quarrying, processing and trading Trentino Porphyry;
  • it is one of the few Porphyry companies that can boast three generations of uninterrupted family management with innovation as its major strength;
  •  it has its own and also concessionary quarries, sited in the heart of the Adige Porphyry Platform, which allow us to select High Quality Porphyry with Exclusive Colouring;
  • the high qualification of its personnel guarantees the excellent quality of its rich variety of products (cubes, slabs, tiles, binders, decorations, kerbs, pebbles, steps, skirting, wall copings, sills, pillar caps...), which combined with vanguard technology can offer all of the special processes needed, such as sawing, flaming, polishing, brushing etc.
  •  the technical training of its sales personnel allows it to provide speedy and professional answers to all design and project demands.


C.A.P.A. Porfido
supplies products on shrink-wrapped pallets, in Big-Bags, in wood boxes or in bulk, according to the type of product and to the customer’s specific needs.


C.A.P.A. Porfido with its staff of thirty employees is the Italian stone company who can ensure production volumes that can quickly satisfy even requests for large quantities of material.
The delivery times are agreed with our Sales Office who does its best to combine the customer’s needs with production times.


C.A.P.A. Porfido supplies Quality Trentino Porphyry not only in Italy but all over the European and World markets.

C.A.P.A. s.r.l. Cavatori Associati Porfido Albiano 
VAT Code  00109590224
38041 ALBIANO ( Tn ) - Italy - Via Roma, 47 - Tel. +39 0461.689614 - Fax +39 0461.689038 - Cel. +39 331 1915956 - +39 339 8648344 - E-mail

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