C.A.P.A Porfido is a company that deals with 'EXTRACTION direct from its quarries and the PROCESSING of PORFIDO, in order to create and offer its customers the best products in this material.

Attentive to the continuous evolution of the market, the company works to offer a high quality of its porphyry, aiming to find a meeting point with the numerous needs of the acquired and potential customers. In the last century C.A.P.A. Porphyry was one of the companies that made the large use of porphyry as a leading stone in outdoor flooring. The company, always remaining at the forefront in the production of different and new products, was a pioneer in the commercialization of the uncertain work or mosaic and the blanked tiles in different sizes.

The company was born in 1956 on the initiative of some local entrepreneurs, who undertook the activity of extraction and processing of porphyry. Initially having its own deposits, over the years there has been development work aimed at finding new fields and company expansion: the result of this process has led to the acquisition of new fields and the possibility of proposing itself also to the foreign market.


The qualitative characteristics of RESISTANCE to the mechanical pressures and to the stresses of the frost, its DURABILITY and INHALABILITY IN TIME, the HARDNESS and VARIETY OF COLORS, make our porphyry a stone that can be used for many uses.

Regarding our best porphyry products we are pleased to offer you, we invite you to view the "PRODUCTS" list on your left.

The work is carried out directly in the quarry laboratories, making use of the professionalism of skilled workers and modern technologies that respect the environment.

The stone created and proposed by C.A.P.A Porfido stands out for its gray / violet mixed gray color and for the high quality of the material itself.


The quarry of our company is located in a strategic place in the heart of the "Atorian Porfirica Platform" at Monte Gaggio di Santa Colomba in Albiano.

The company also has a sales office in Albiano (TN), in via Roma 47.

C.A.P.A. s.r.l. Cavatori Associati Porfido Albiano 
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