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Trentino quality porphyry

Trentino Porphyry is a completely natural stone that C.A.P.A. Porphyry has been mining and working with passion since 1956. Thanks to its particular hardness and intrinsic geological characteristics, porphyry can last over time without undergoing alterations, especially those caused by erosion by atmospheric agents and mechanical stress.

We produce a wide range of quality porphyry products with different types of processing: in this way our customers can fulfill every desire and obtain quality flooring and finishes for exteriors and interiors.


Every day, for three generations, passion and innovative spirit have characterized our work.
Ours was one of the first companies to promote the extraction and processing of porphyry in Trentino, hence the historical name C.A.P.A. Porphyry – Associated Quarrying Albian Porphyry. Today, as then, our commitment is the enhancement of this extraordinary natural rock and the full satisfaction of our customers.
Our quarries are located in the heart of the Trentino Porphyry Platform, the most important porphyry deposit in Italy.

A Trentino excellence

For over half a century C.A.P.A. Porphyry furnishes the streets, squares, gardens and houses of Italy and the world, with the solid and characteristic Porphyry of Trentino.

Tailor-made advice

We offer customized quotes for each job, technical and design support, as well as the possibility of requesting dedicated inspections.

Value for money

Realize all your projects with our quality Trentino Porphyry at an affordable price. Try our price configurator!


We transform excavation and porphyry processing waste into sustainable products, ideal for flooring, environmental filling and agricultural reclamation.

Products in Trentino porphyry

We offer our customers a wide range of quality Trentino porphyry products with special processes, capable of satisfying every design and aesthetic need. The natural resistance makes this stone ideal for private and public flooring, while its red-violet and gray colors give an elegant and exclusive touch to the exteriors of any building or garden.

Porphyry cubes

The porphyry cubes, also called sampietrini or bolognini, are produced by mechanically shearing the selected porphyry slabs of different sizes and thicknesses according to the customer’s needs.

Porphyry slabs

The porphyry slab, used to make mosaics, Palladian or uncertain work, is made up of natural quarry slabs characterized by different sizes and thicknesses.

Porphyry tiles

We obtain the characteristic porphyry tiles by cutting the natural porphyry slabs extracted in the quarry into rectangular shapes.

Porphyry binders

The main feature of porphyry binders is the unmistakable parallelepiped shape that differentiates them from cubes.

Porphyry curbs

Porphyry curbs, also called cords or edges, are used in the construction of borders such as raised sidewalks and flower beds.

Porphyry pebbles

The porphyry pebbles are created by the force of nature, they are in fact the result of the erosion of flowing water.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the processing and sale of Trentino Porphyry we can offer our customers a complete and attentive service that includes very delicate phases, including transport and installation.


We deliver our products in Italy and around the world in a short time, often using advantageous combinations


Our highly accredited staff with many years of experience personally follows each construction site


Our customers can check the quality of products by sending samples free of charge



For any need, information or quote, do not hesitate to contact us!

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