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Laying of porphyry

The laying of the porphyry is a fundamental phase, capable of making the flooring aesthetically flawless and structurally executed in a workmanlike manner. For this reason it is therefore necessary to entrust these delicate operations to highly accredited personnel with many years of experience. To obtain long-lasting results, a master installer must personally supervise each construction site.

Implementation of the porphyry: initial considerations

Each application of porphyry is unique, but before starting any work it is necessary to check some essential conditions in order to obtain flooring that is not subject to deformation.

  1. Make sure you have a stable and adequately prepared substrate for both the structural support of the flooring and the correct drainage and drainage of any water.
  2. Each type of porphyry product, also based on the intended use of the flooring, requires an adequate installation thickness and a correct amount of bedding material.
  3. The installation of any type of porphyry product must be carried out by following all the correct steps, which our qualified installers learn during the attendance of specific courses, as well as during work on construction sites supported by our expert master installers.

Estimates and site inspections

On request we carry out free estimates and inspections on construction sites: the C.A.P.A. Porfido will provide precise technical and aesthetic indications to find solutions to any particular needs and therefore fulfill all customer expectations.

Contact us to plan the laying of the porphyry and know the prices!

Installation of our porphyry products

Do you want to know in brief the characteristics of the installation of C.A.P.A. Porphyry?
In each product sheet we have included interesting details relating to the implementation.

  • Cubes
  • Slabs
  • Floor tiles
  • Binderi
  • Cords and curbs
  • Pebbles
  • Smolleri
  • Stairs and steps
  • Sills
  • Skirtings, skirting boards, risers
  • Other products

Discover also our innovative and durable method of sealing porphyry floors with resins!


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