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Buy quality Trentino porphyry

We at C.A.P.A. Porphyry We offer customers only quality natural porphyry. Our own and concession fields, located in the heart of the famous Atesina Porphyry Platform, allow us to select natural materials of superior quality; moreover, already in cavam, our specialized staff carry out a first selection of colors, mainly gray-purple.

From the extracted material we obtain a great variety of products: cubes, slabs and pebbles, but also tailor-made elements such as steps and window sills. Thanks to an always modern technology we can offer different processes, including flaming and patination.

Our customers can check the quality of the products before purchasing them directly on site; in case of shipments within the national territory, it is possible to request free sending of samples.

Sampling and verification of the material

During the estimate or design phase for the construction of works in Trentino porphyry, we can send the customer a sample of the product free of charge. This service allows the customer to personally check, within a few days of the request, the quality and coloring of the materials.
Due to the shipping times, the service is active only on the national territory.

Obviously, our buyers can always reach us at the C.A.P.A. Porphyry in Albiano: here it is in fact possible to directly view the various products and possible processes of porphyry. Our sales staff will be happy to show customers the different transformation and production processes of Trentino Porphyry materials.
The technical preparation of the Commercial Office also offers timely and professional answers to every project need.


C.A.P.A. Porfido is at your disposal

For any need, information or quote please do not hesitate to contact us.
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