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Particular porphyry products

C.A.P.A Porfido offers its customers its many years of experience in the creation of custom-made products, capable of giving a refined appearance to well-finished street furniture, and completing private homes and villas, but also public buildings with personalized decorations and fine finishes.


The hats are massive elements used to make the final covering of columns and pillars. They are made to measure and in different types according to the customer’s needs. To achieve an excellent aesthetic result we offer various solutions:

  • surfaces with natural or flamed top
  • special processing of the sides: sawn, flamed or split
  • drips for a correct flow of rainwater
  • different colors of the material thanks to our extraction fields

Sliced ​​exposed ashlar

The sheared exposed ashlar is made with massive elements obtained from the mechanical shearing of the Trentino porphyry. This element is used to cover walls, low walls and columns. The rustication of the exposed side combined with the veneered sides gives the finished work a rustic look and an indisputable sense of robustness. The ashlar is made with the typical colors of the Trentino porphyry


Plinths, thresholds, driveways, machicolations, manhole covers

Plinths, thresholds, driveways, machicolations, manhole covers are all elements that are part of the flooring and that can be made of Trentino porphyry to give uniformity and continuity to the flooring: in this way it is possible to obtain an extremely tidy and valuable overall result.

Rough stones

The rough stones of porphyry are used for the construction or lining of walls. They can be mounted dry or with the use of cement mortar; depending on the result you want to obtain, you can mount them flat, leaving the rough sides exposed, or vertically, leaving the face on the natural surface visible.

Porphyry decorations

Trentino porphyry is an extremely versatile natural stone and thanks to the many finishes, colors and processes, it allows you to create decorations that are real works of art.
It is also possible to combine Trentino porphyry with any other type of stone and material, paying attention, in the design phase, to the correct integration between them.

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