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Porphyry skirting board / skirting board and risers

The porphyry skirting board, also called skirting board depending on the size, is the connecting element between the flooring and the wall, both internal and external.
The porphyry risers, on the other hand, are the vertical elements of the stairs, that is the connecting slabs between two treads.
In addition to being essential for keeping the first few centimeters of vertical surfaces intact and clean, the skirting board, skirting board and riser constitute an undeniable aesthetic finish of value and return a neat and clean effect, the strong point of every job.

Types and colors

The porphyry skirting board or skirting board can be supplied with 2 types of surface: with natural or flamed top.

  • Skirting with natural top: irregular thickness 1/3 cm (from 1 cm to 3 cm for the same batch). All the colors of Trentino porphyry
  • Skirting with flamed top: regular thickness cm 1.3 calibrated. Mostly in gray or red-purple colors

Generally, as far as color is concerned, we try to match gray or red-purple based on the colors of the flooring on which it is to be laid but, obviously, also based on the customer’s taste. The combination with the flooring can create valuable and exclusive chromatic effects.

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Skirting board (skirting board) raised sawn natural surface
Thickness 1/3 cm. Mixed gray / purple color

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Width Thickness
from 8 to 30 cm 1/3 cm

Other colors available: red / purple.
We supply unique bespoke pieces.
It is possible to request the following processes:

  • split head
  • natural flat plinth edging

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Skirting board (skirting board) and raised flames
Upper flamed surface - Lower sawn surface - Sawn sides - Constant thickness

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Width Thickness Lenght
from 6 to 20 cm 1,3 cm or 2cm running or staring

Available colors: albian gray, green gray, speckled gray, red and purple.

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Laying of the porphyry skirting board

The installation of the porphyry skirting generally takes place with the use of professional glue or silicone; grouting is done with professional grout or putty.
We suggest the use of elements with a flamed top as the calibration of the thickness allows to obtain a precise line in the upper part that normally remains visible.
To maintain the porphyry flooring, a good cleaning with water is sufficient, preferably with a hydro-cleaner, without using detergents or acids as they could ruin the cement seal.

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