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Porphyry curbs/cords

Porphyry curbs, also called cords or edges, are used in the construction of borders such as raised sidewalks and flower beds. These elements have in fact the shape of parallelepipeds and are created by mechanical shearing of the natural porphyry slabs.

Following the installation, generally there are 2 visible faces: the upper one called “head” and a lateral one called “side”. The processing of the faces can be natural, split, sawn, flamed or bush-hammered according to the final use and aesthetic needs. The different processing of porphyry curbs also determines their price.

Cords for sidewalks, flower beds and gardens

Porphyry is one of the most used natural materials in the creation of curbs for pavements. The resistance to mechanical stress and the aesthetic result are the perfect combination for public urban decoration, to embellish the outdoor space of houses and villas, but also to create containing profiles of flower beds and risers for steps.

C.A.P.A. supplies customers with the material on standard pallets, but it is also possible to order customized quantities and weights. The colors of the material are typical of the Trentino porphyry.

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Cords (Curbs)
Minimum length 40 cm - Supplied on pallets covered with nylon

Types available:

  • split head – natural surface visible side
  • head with natural surface – sides sawn in height for 18 cm
  • sawn head – natural surface visible side
  • head and visible side flamed, fixed height at 20 cm
  • head sawn and bush-hammered. natural surface visible side

JOINTS: split or sawn (depending on the type requested)
BEVEL: can be requested for the edges of the head

from 5 cm 20/30 cm Kg./ml 25 approx.
from 6 cm 20/30 cm Kg./ml 35 approx.
from 7 cm 20/30 cm Kg./ml 40 approx.
from 8 cm 20/30 cm Kg./ml 45 approx.
from 9 cm 20/30 cm Kg./ml 55 approx.
from 10 cm 20/30 cm Kg./ml 65 approx.
from 12 cm 20/30 cm Kg./ml 85 approx.
from 15 cm 20/30 cm Kg./ml 120 approx.


Laying of porphyry cords

The porphyry beads have different dimensions and thicknesses.
Considering that the main use is the construction of the containment of sidewalks or flower beds, the most common height is 20/25 cm as, usually, the curb is enticed for a large part in the mortar, leaving about 15 cm visible.

The porphyry curbs are laid in a run, ie by arranging a straight row of single pieces with a fixed width and variable lengths; depending on personal taste, elements of variable lengths can also be used. The porphyry curbs are laid in cement mortar. The sealing is done with grout, using the piping bag if possible, taking care to clean the joints thoroughly with a tiler’s sponge and water.


The intrinsic shape of the curbs means that rainwater naturally cleans the stone. However, it is possible to carry out a more thorough cleaning using the hydro-cleaner. On the other hand, we do not recommend the use of detergents or acids that could ruin the cement grout seal.

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